Being Clumsy Can Kill You

Hey again.

So I’m pretty sure I’ve mentioned in the past that, I’m not the most “coordinated” person in the world.

I’m telling you, every week brings a new injury.

I get bruised, scratched, burned, smacked, stubbed, and more day after day.

To add insult to injury (in a literal way) I have the skin of a Parian German doll. You see the damage instantly.

Just this past week I almost got a black eye (from the previous volleyball tournament I wrote about), almost lost a toenail to the sliding glass door of my closet, I got a huge black bruise on my butt, hands, and jaw from falling in the kitchen at work, I’ve gotten multiple bruises from pinching wars I get into with my boyfriend… and just now I got head butted hard in the chin by my husky because I tried picking her up in a way she didn’t agree with.

Yes, it is true: the ones we love most can also hurt us the most.

My chin is currently throbbing proof of that.

So, for all my fellow clumsies… be safe, carry compresses (cold & hot) and be super careful. You never know what could be the final blow. -Dee


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