Relationships are Weird: Or at Least Mine is.

Hey, guys.

So I’m sitting in my messy undone room, at my little hovel of a desk, reading through my latest project.

My boyfriend is sitting a good 50 feet away, down the hall, in the living room on the floor in front of the T.V. playing obsessively with his newest game.

With the exception of a few shifts at work and the occasional sleep cycle, this is basically how we’ve been for the last four days.

The dog absolutely resents us for not giving her every ounce of attention, the cat just sits at her perch and judges us heavily due to the fact that we could possibly be lazier than she is, and the housework has piled up so immaculately that this morning I could no longer withstand it and naggingly protested to my beloved that it must get done immediately.

So, finally this morning we took a break from our separated worlds and came together to clean the apartment, wash up, and eat a lunch made from the last few days leftovers. Then promptly after, we returned yet again to our own realms of entertainment.

Occasionally I’ll take a break when I’m getting bored with reading and typing on my computer and bother him by poking at him, kissing him on the head, and overall distracting him from the colorful hum of the screen.

He’ll do the same. Over the last few days, I would go back and forth from my work and play my own favorite game series (Mass Effect) and as I would be in the middle of a mission, he would saunter into my private bubble of space and lightly kiss me on the forehead and whisper something about how much he loved me and then retreat back into his own universe once again.

It’s not so much that we want to be separated all the time, it’s just that we are that kind of couple that finds it necessary to escape all life’s problems when we find the time to do so and cocoon ourselves into the things we want to do that make us happy when most of the time we live in a reality that makes us miserable. However, we know the other is not too far away from our comfort and we knowingly acknowledge that when we realize it’s been too long since we last took a break and saw each other. I love him with all of my being, but I like that we have the kind of bond where we are conscious of our own selves and we have the ability to break off and do our own things without neglecting or suffocating the other in doing so.

We don’t force each other to do things we don’t want to do, but we do encourage each other to do the things we think are necessary. Like, this mini-vacation we are having within our home.

We each do our own things and we love doing them, but we love each other much more and we don’t really need to prove that.

Or we’re just two very extreme nerds in love who enjoy the isolation of a world inside a computer screen. In which case, that’s just fine by me. -Dee




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