Planning Ahead: Why I Need a Refresher Course


So, you could say I’m a fairly new adult. I mean, legally it could be said that I’ve been adulting for (breaks out the fingers and mutters under breath for how many years it’s actually been now) five years. It’s been five years. Phew.

But apparently, even that’s not nearly long enough for myself and a few anonymous others in my life that I so dearly love (ahem… my boyfriend… being even worse than I am, and he’s older) for us to get our shit together. So I feel that to become functioning American citizens we deserve some kind of re-training on how to get our shit together in hopes that someday we won’t become hopelessly homeless (why did that remind me of that song from Grease? I’m literally picturing Sandy in her cute little ponytail and poodle skirt singing to John Travolta in a cardboard box…)


I’ll give you a prime example of this concept of “getting our shit together” and how it’s failing.

About a month ago (or it could be longer than that, who knows. I’m clueless.) my dear boyfriend proposed that we, as a couple of two years, take our first road trip together; set for this current upcoming weekend. So I tried taking off work, but took off the wrong days, got it fixed, tried making two sets of plans, both imperfect, and we have no idea whose car we are taking, how much money we need, or where we are even gonna stay.

Like I said, we’re a shit show.

But I mean, we are still young and in love, right? Maybe a little spontaneity will be good for the both of us. Maybe it will be the best road trip I’ve ever been on, and there’s been quite a few in my time.

So, I’ve told myself that I’m going to cast aside my semi-neurotic ways and for once, just wing it.  I’m not gonna worry about making my appointment for my doctor all by myself, or how clean my kitchen is before I go, or even if I have enough shirts for the road trip. I’m just going to try to relax and if it happens it happens.

And I definitely WILL NOT think about the possibility of meeting a serial killer hitchhiker determined to see both of us dead off of the side of the road. Nope. Not even gonna think of that, at all. -Dee




FanFictions Never Get Old

Hey, guys.

So, these last couple of weeks I’ve been focusing my creative efforts on my more long-term projects (i.e. my novels and this super elaborate fan fiction, of which is the main subject of this very blog post.)

We all remember being in middle school, surfing the most popular fanfic sites just to find the best stories that could fulfill our dire little nerdling needs. I mean, if you’re a nerd such as I, you know how satisfying it was to read stories of others that never made it in the mainstream world. There were friendships formed around these terribly written yet satisfying stories. I mean, I myself have the fondest memories that consisted of sitting in a circle of friends while we each took turns reading excerpts from “My Immortal.” I’m not saying it was as good as the actual Harry Potter series, I’m just saying it’s up there with it. (Like, so up there I’m hoping J.K. buys out the rights to it and sells it in hard-copy alongside her newest release The Cursed Child. I actually cannot stand that there is no place for it on my bookshelf, it’s so horribly good.)

But, anyway. My fan fiction. Each one of us nerds secretly has that one story within us that touched us so deeply we wished it hadn’t ended or in some cases, like my own, had wished it ended differently. And yes, some of us share that same story within with hundreds of thousands of different endings in mind.

Fan fictions are the one way for us to be satisfied, not that the original story was in any way lacking, it’s just that sometimes that one cliffhanger or missing piece has torn and tortured some little lost piece in our heart for so long, we have to go out ourselves and fix it in any way we can just to achieve that inner peace within that we so long for.

So yes. I am a woman well into my twenties and I still write elaborate fan fictions. It’s nothing to be ashamed of. And maybe someday when it’s finished, I’ll share it with you. -Dee.

Discipline is a Virtue: But I Wouldn’t Know

Hey, guys.

So, there has been more than one day in my life that I have taken what I call a “potato day.” Where the potato, meaning me, sits around all day and does absolutely nothing.

These days have hit a maximum capacity way beyond my own control.

But I think I believe deep down that I deserve them in some way because I haven’t always been a potato. I used to be driven and passionate and hardworking.

It’s just that, like most of us adult potatoes, we realize that life is hard and it sucks. Potato days allow us to step back and rediscover the things we love and what truly makes us happy in this world filled with obstacles and hardships.

Or maybe I just want to lay in bed and watch Netflix all day without being judged. Potato life is everything to me. -Dee