Words Are The Most Powerful Weapon Humans Have.

Hey, guys.

So, a question.

Do you ever come across a story, that touches you in a way that almost drives you to the point of madness?

Let me explain.

There comes a time in each literary junkies life, that makes them what they are. It does not matter in what form this story might come. It could be a movie, a video game, a comic, or what have you. But this one story awakens something in you that you never knew existed. It fills your every thought, you crave more of it so you yourself add to it.

You write about it, theorize it, analyze and extend it in your mind. You’ve fallen in love with this story and you wish it had never ended.

This is because words are the most powerful tool we as a human race have ever stumbled upon. We’ve harnessed this weapon that can be used to obtain anything, anything, we desire. Whether it be love, pain, wealth, power… we can gain anything with the use of words.

We are all writers if you really think about it. It just amazes me that we have this power in our holster and most choose to abuse or neglect using it. That has become clear, especially with current events. So the next time you come across a powerful set of words, where ever you may find them, know you have the ability to change them, harness them, add to them, or simply take them as they are and hold them close to you for as long as you choose.

Words are our greatest asset in life, choose them carefully. -Dee


Fall Is The Best Season

Like a prologue to a good book, Fall has once again greeted us with a tingly chill.

This time of year sincerely de-bitters my sour heart and ravishes it with excitement.

Why you ask?

Not for the holidays to come, as they bring greed and gluttony to the masses.

I simply love Fall because the world feels brighter, cooler, calmer. Like somehow Autumn is a yearly message from the universe saying that, in a world gone haywire, everything will be okay. Just hang in there.

So I wrap myself up in a hoodie and a long book and enjoy my warm coffee as the crinkled leaves blow through the soft chill of the wind that I simply cannot get enough of.

This season is my happy time and that’s all I can ask for lately. -Dee

Humans Are Insane

Hey, guys.

So, I came to an overall conclusion about the ways in which we all live out our individual lives, the other day.
Humans are INSANE.

In the membrane.

Really, just think about it. Is sanity even a real concept anymore? We have Trump and Clinton running for President, we have people sacrificing their souls and all of their savings to give away to a college with no hopes of getting a job. Over 40 hour work weeks to barely even get by??

It’s no wonder people are starting to do kooky things. I just watched a video of a woman whose goal in life is to reach a 1,000lbs in her own weight. Social media? Have you seen these crazy videos of people losing their minds? I mean, it’s unbelievable. The stresses of day-to-day living have plummeted so badly that people no longer hold the mental capacity to react to their problems properly. They don’t know what to fucking do with themselves. This also points to the causation of a new national tragedy each and every week because, why wouldn’t things get violent if you’ve already lost your marbles?

This country is entering a state of mayhem and it doesn’t look like it’s stopping anytime soon.

My advice? Find your own, inner bubbly, way to cope. I suggest yoga. At least till life smacks you in the face and forces you to be miserable once again. Or simply leave the country altogether. Put your hard-earned money to good use and just tell the banks, “Screw you! I’m moving to Denmark!” -Dee

Why I hate Humans, But Love Animals

Hey, guys.

So, like every twenty-something year old trying to scrape by after a life of college, stress, and millions of gallons of coffee, I also have a demeaning job that shows me day after day how horrible people can truly be.

Seriously, they’re just awful.

I still can’t wrap my mind around what goes through one’s head as they treat good honest hard-working people as scum to walk on when they themselves are probably no better in their own career choices.

Like, I’m a good honest person, or at least I try to be whenever I possibly can. I’m in no way the perfect person, and I’ll admit that. But I was raised to show others respect and to only defend myself in whatever way I see fit if the situation calls for it.

And that’s the thing, I was raised to expect such high expectations of people in return. But no, I guess respect and manners are things that no longer exist in our society because I have seen that it is a rarity among the masses, through this job I’ve been telling you about. And trust me, I see mass after mass of people, and my patience for their rude and disrespectful behavior has run out.

Luckily, as I trudge home from my miserable nights or mornings at work, I have one solid thing to look forward to and rely on.

My dog. My cat is there too, but she’s more of an “I’ll love you from afar” kind of pet. My dog’s big blue eyes look up at me, her ears are pushed back, and her entire rear end is wagging back and forth in excitement to see me as I come through the door.

This is something worth living for.

After hours of being treated like I’m worthless, this cute little fluffy thing runs up to me like she hasn’t seen me in years, happier than ever that I’ve returned.

That’s love, that’s appreciation. Something that I rarely find outside of my home and something that is rarely shown between members of the human race.

This is why I hate humans, but love dogs (and cats, but like I said, from a safe distance…). -Dee