On This Election…

Hey, guys.

So, I’m not going to write an article based on my political beliefs, those are strictly my own personal thoughts and I expect others to keep theirs to themselves as well.

No. This is about something that happened to me at work the other day and it has since been on my mind.

I was in the middle of my shift, trying to catch up on my side work when I noticed these women waving me down. They weren’t my customers but I was more than happy to accommodate them.

So I go over.

They ask me to grab something for them so I run to the back of the house and bring it back to them in a more than pleasant manner. As I’m about to leave, one of the women stops me.

“Are you voting?”

I tell her that, yes, of course I am. It would be irresponsible of me not to vote.

“Who are you voting for?”

Now, this is where things changed. I told her my honest opinion, that I simply don’t feel that either candidate is worthy of my vote, so I will most likely write in my choice or vote third-party.

“OH NO,” The woman says, “You HAVE TO vote for Trump.”

With that I graciously walked away, wishing to go no further in this discussion.

I was furious, and not because of her choice in candidate.

I was furious because she saw me, a young twenty-something and had the nerve to TELL ME who I should vote for. She saw me and assumed I would take her advice because I have absolutely no capacity as a grown woman to know any better about who would be best suited in such a position of power.

Let me tell you something. Young people are not morons.

We are AWARE of what is happening in this world.

We are CAPABLE of forming our own opinions.

We KNOW what our choices are.

So before you work up the nerve to tell one of us what we should do again, remember that it was your generation that caused all of the economic downfall you can’t seem to escape. It was your generation that raised us, these moronic children, that you seem to think you can control.

But guess what? This is our future, our choice, and you have no right to opinionate yourself, not when you’ve already left us in a world of ruin.

So, my opinion on this election: vote for who you think can better your future, don’t leave it in the hands of those who have failed in the past.

This is our time, young people. Let’s show them that we mean business. -Dee


Mother of Dragons, I’m Getting Old.

Hey, guys.

So, Halloween has just ended which means another birthday has passed for me.

I am now 24 years old.

Adulthood is imminent and the only way to celebrate was by heavily drinking while dressed as a Game of Thrones character.

It was a pretty fun weekend, I have to admit.

My little clan of nerdling friends really went all out to spoil me with all the best gifts, that only I could fully love and appreciate.

[mostly Mass Effect/poop/Star Wars/Walking Dead/Steven U related things to be exact.]

My boyfriend, who also had a birthday this passing weekend, was my Jon Snow-esque knight in shining silver sequence. He made sure that after our [drinking] party I was safely tucked away in bed with an emergency garbage can by my side. I’m not the best partier, I must admit. This is why video games and books are my saving grace, they don’t judge.

Saturday, the family rounded me up for another party in full costume, once again. I stuck to a night of sobering up by eating all the best party food they had to offer… and then it all ended.

It was back to reality for little old me, I had to get back to the grueling job hunt, make sure I had enough money to get through the week, and of course eat the remnants of my birthday cake…

topped with all of the leftover Halloween candy I had.

Adulthood sucks and I get it now, the fun reminder that comes around once every year doesn’t make it any easier to pull through it all. But the fun times can be worthwhile as they are happening. I find it’s best to live in the moment every now and again because worrying about the future too much will distract you from living life to its fullest potential.

Also, vodka and chocolate help more than they hurt, especially for the REALLY hard times. So go all out, I won’t judge. -Dee