Love & War

Hey, guys.

Can I tell you something?

I am so mad at humanity.


Nowadays, we take so much for granted. We are terrible to one another, for the most minuscule and insignificant reasons.

I won’t get into every reason I’m mad [i.e. false patriotism, the fact that racism still exists, us murdering the planet but saying it’s all a hoax, our violation of ALL 7 deadly sins on a daily basis while we still maintain a false practice of our religions (mainly Christianity), our entire government. Like. All of it. The fact that I can’t legally own a tiger as a pet… etc.]

HOWEVER, all of those reasons pushed wayyy aside… my main qualm with humans is basic.

How we ABUSE each other, emotionally.

I’m a sentimental old soul. I cry during romance movies. I say ‘aw’ when old people kiss or hold hands. I swoon when I see a young family just starting out. I’m genuinely happy when I see my friends getting engaged (even though there is a spark of jealousy too, as I am still not).

My thing is. With all of the world’s problems, why can’t we just love one another?

As couples, yes. Romance in this time period NEEDS a reboot. Tinder needs to be cut off. These posts about ‘her being a gold digger’ and ‘yo man can’t be faithful,’ fuckboys and THOTS… it’s even in every single song being released and rated top of the charts worldwide.

I mean, have you heard the new Katy Perry? She’s offering herself up as a main course meal while half-naked with a dash of sequence. Where the hell is the romance in that?

Seriously. Pick a fucking flower. Wear a nice elegant dress. Go dancing. Take a walk. A quick kiss on the cheek if it’s the first date. Whatever you feel comfortable with if it’s more serious. Is it really so hard? Really?

And in general, really.

Love others as fellow people, whether they be neighbors, friends… complete strangers. Erase all barriers or preconceived bigotry. We live in a time of expression and evolution. People are not afraid to show their true forms, so why congratulate their bravery with hatred? We as a species have forgotten what a little love and compassion can do, how far it can get you.

I’m so tired of seeing hatred posted everywhere we look. Seriously. It’s everywhere.


If you have the capability to show love directly, even if it’s just one person in your life, do it. Or you’ll regret it later.

Then try branching out and see what happens. Make this the new trend. If we start now, maybe the world in twenty or so years won’t be so bad.

Just a thought. -Dee