Art is Alive

Hi, guys.

So here’s an update: still stuck at my college serving job, still in a massive amount of debt, still pressured to get my shit together, and still living alone.

Okay cool. Now that’s out of the way.

Today I felt like writing about art.

Last night, me and my best friend went to go see her little brother play in his band. (The band’s name is Amboy, check them out they’re good.)

It made me so proud, I mean, these kids are just coming out of high school. And they were the headliners at this established music venue. And they were good.

In this day and age, I feel like art gets a major bad rep. Most parents are disappointed when their kid dreams of making their art, their voice, the focal point of their future.

I’m one of those kids. I mean, I’m not on stage doing shows (not anymore anyway) trying to make my band known and etch out my way to fame.

I’m a writer and that’s what I chose to go to school for. And every day I have to battle with myself over whether or not it was the right choice. I’m always thinking:

“Well, maybe if I listened to dad and became a nurse I would have a job by now…”

But then immediately after that thought, another one comes:

“But would I be happy?”

Those kids last night, looked happy. They belonged on that stage doing what they loved to do most. And it wasn’t performing open heart surgery, it was making music for a full audience to dance along to.

I’ll continue to have an inner battle with myself over my own life choices, and whether or not following my dreams was the right choice to make. But, I’m telling you, that shouldn’t be the way things are.

If you love to do something, you should do it. Art is important and it shouldn’t be something that others look down on. If anything it should be put above all else, up there with the medical professions and all the other money-making careers.

For what would life be like if there was no art? No world I’d want to live in, that’s for sure. -Dee


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