Gaming: It Ruins Your Life

Hi guys,

So today I just wanted to talk about one of my all-time favorite pastimes.


I love gaming.

As a book nerd, I find that the aspect I love most about playing any new game is slowly peeling away at the story (as I am a BIG RPG fan).

Like, if the story is great enough, I’m addicted. I can’t stop. It becomes a drug I can no longer pull myself away from.

And there’s so many to choose from.

But. There’s a problem.

Even though there are A LOT of games out there, there are not enough in my kind of style (that I know of) to keep my fixations satiated.

I am in love with the Mass Effect series. Dragon Age too, though recently BioWare has been kind of going downhill with their newer content.

I mean. I went out and bought a PS4 specifically to play their newest release to my favorite series, Andromeda, and I was greatly disappointed (i.e. devastated).

So, what I like to do instead is replay all the games I can’t seem to get enough of, instead of getting more new content to keep me satisfied.

I also read along to fan-fics and have joined a few Facebook groups to share my addiction to my specific games with my other fellow gaming junkies.

I am still relatively new to gaming, I must admit. I mean sure, of course, I played things like Pokemon on my Gameboy growing up and I definitely won my fair share of Mario Kart on my old Nintendo…

But that was then, and gaming has vastly changed since. Now it’s interactive and it seems so real. You can literally become your character in some games if you so choose. I think it’s amazing, quite honestly.

And I cannot WAIT to see what the future holds for gaming, it’s gonna be epic. -Dee